The RoboDrive technology in detail

RoboDrive technology

Mechatronic axle drives in robotics or robotics related applications require maximum torque and precision with minimum weight and space with the smallest possible power loss. 

The RoboDrive technology combines all the necessary requirements and is therefore ideally suited for any application in robotics and robotics similar applications. 

Conventional datasheets common electric drives represent only the characteristic values ​​for torque and speed, the electrical connection sizes and the so-called nominal point. In addition, often only the maximum achievable efficiency of the possible torque development over the available speed range is listed. This information is for simple drive tasks, such as the design of stationary drives running at low load cycles, sufficient. 
For more demanding tasks, however, such information is not sufficient and may lead to significant problems when weight and space are limited and high dynamic control performance in conjunction with a defined thermal behavior are required.

Based on the RoboDrive technology we offer support for designing your system, taking into account the load spectrum of the driving task. 

The origin of RoboDrive technology 

Researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to develop the new engine technology "RoboDrive" succeeded. The technology combines high torque development and power density based on weight and space. Even the likes of synchronous, dynamic and thermal connection are aligned to the rigorous requirements of robotics and part of the ground-breaking technology.  

The range of RoboDrive technology in 2005 spun off from the middle of the year and DLR founded by Detlef Schneider and Manfred Schedl as an independent company in close proximity to the DLR in Seefeld, Germany and new. Since 2006, the drives from the electronics service provider TQ-Systems are also produced with the seat in the Bavarian Seefeld. In 2015 RoboDrive was fully integrated into the company TQ-Systems. The TQ-Systems, which is part of the TQ-Group, since continues the powerful RoboDrive drive technology for high performance as a brand. 

Advantages of RoboDrive technology 

TQ-Systems provides the RoboDrive technology users with an extensive modular solutions and know-how to solve your specific drive tasks. In the system integration - from load information, space-sketches and customer use profiles - internally determines all relevant sizes. It often play operating points as holding under load or high traverse idle a dominant role. A statement by the machine user on a flat-rate efficiency information is irrelevant, since virtually no mechanical power is delivered to the application. 

to keep all incurred losses of the electric machine within acceptable temperature levels is more important. Frequently, the thermal boundary conditions of the plant and the surrounding area must be clarified in advance. Thereafter, the optimum installation method determined by our know-how and detailed consultation with the customer. The term "embedded Drive" describes the resulting close connection between the overall system and the drive component. 

Regardless of the application, ensures the use of a RoboDrive drive the decisive advantage for a successful end product.