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RD115x50-IMD: New dimensions in the field of compact drive motors

New dimensions in the field of compact drive motors

Key features: 

  • Direct drive
  • Outstanding dynamics
  • Very high positioning accuracy
  • Peak performance 5.200 W
  • Peak torque 27 Nm
  • Compact design 165x165x130 mm
  • Integrated motor control
  • Low voltage up to 55 VDC
  • Hollow shaft 50 mm diameter
  • Based on the proven RoboDrive-Technology
  • Water cooling optional

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RD115x50-IMD: New dimensions in the field of compact drive motors


With our new concept, we achieve new dimensions in the field of compact drive motors. This motor with a continuous power of 2.200W and a peak power of up to 5.200W and a need of installation space of 165x165x130 mm combined with a hollow shaft of 50mm means power density and compact design at its best.

The high-performance drive is based on the proven RoboDrive technology. This direct drive is a first choice, when a maximum torque at maximum dynamics and positional accuracy and minimal weight, compact installation space and low power dissipation is required. Designed as direct drive this device offers the opportunity to power an application without gear due to its outstanding torque density. It delivers a rated torque of 11Nm and a peak torque up to 27Nm at speeds up to 2.200 rpm.

Three independent windings enable a synchronous operation of three integrated compact inverter units. Each winding is powered with up to a maximum of 50A. With the integrated power electronics and the high-resolution absolute encoder, we provide our customers a compact high-performance drive.

Example of use:

Because of its exceptional dynamics and positioning accuracy combined with the hollow shaft and the low installation space this high-performance drive is predestined for powerful rotary indexing tables